Mea Quinn Mustone


What motivates you to run for school committee?

Being a School Committee member allows me the opportunity to serve as a voice for parent concerns while participating in the many great educational opportunities happening within our schools.

What experiences or skills have prepared you to serve on the school committee?

I have served on the School Committee since 2015.


In the past two years, what School Committee actions did you support or oppose, and why?

I supported a new Science curriculum in the elementary schools and a new Math curriculum for the middle schools because both had not been updated for a number of years.

What are the greatest strengths and challenges of our current school system?

Our greatest strength is our teachers and our extracurricular opportunities. The greatest challenge is working within the confines of the school budget.

What initiatives would you prioritize in our school system?

Based on continued parent concerns, building maintenance and upkeep need improvement and increased attention.


Medford has a broad diversity of students. How would you address the unique needs of various student populations? Be specific.

I make myself available to all families. Whether it is a phone call, a meeting at my kitchen table or city sports field, I learn about the challenges and experiences of other families and their children.

Do you have any priorities for the school budget? What are they, and why?

The current middle school Science curriculum needs to be evaluated and updated.

What role should charter schools have in our public school system?

The state mandates that charter schools are part of our public school system.

What is your stance on the PROMISE Act?

I support the PROMISE Act. Any additional funding would be a great benefit to our school budget.

How can we increase parental and community engagement in school committee meetings?

I encourage parents to present their concerns in person during the community participation portion of meetings, and I assist them in getting on a meeting agenda.