Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does this page exist?

A: Because the resources for voter education in Medford, MA are currently less than ideal.  Although the city website contains basic information about when and where to vote, neither they nor any other entity provides information about voting and candidates in an accessible format.

Q: Who runs this page?

A: A group of Medford residents.  We are not affiliated with a particular political party, and we are not here to endorse specific candidates; we simply have an interest in increasing voter awareness.  In the interest of full disclosure, this site has graciously been hosted by Indivisible Mystic Valley, but the content here does not represent IMV’s specific views or endorsement.

Q: Your information is inaccurate or incomplete.  What can I do to change that?

A: We welcome contributions of relevant information and corrections to any errors.  In particular, if your Medford-based organization has endorsed particular candidates, we would be delighted to include that information on their profile.  Please contact us with any suggestions.

Q: Where did you get your information?

Whenever possible, we will cite the source of our information.  We reserve the right to include screen shots or other records of information that was public at some point (e.g. on Facebook), even if the posts have since been removed or edited.