2017 Medford Candidates

In 2017, Medford residents will vote in three important races: Mayor, City Council, and School Committee.  You may vote for one mayoral candidate, seven city council candidates, and six school committee candidates — all two-year terms.  (A sample ballot is viewable here.)  This page provides information for all candidates for all offices in alphabetical order.

Video statements from all candidates are available online here.

A video of both mayoral candidates discussing their candidacy on October 12 is on Facebook here.

Stephanie Burke
(Incumbent): Official Website

  • Prior experience: 2 years as Mayor; 16 years as a member of the Medford City Council; Director of Personnel and Budget for the City for former Mayor McGlynn.
  • Political stance: Democrat.  Donated to Hillary Clinton’s political campaign; wrote a letter testifying in support of the Safe Communities Act, a Massachusetts law protecting immigrants and civil rights.
  • Interview with the Medford Transcript
  • Endorsed by the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus (MWPC).
  • Endorsed by Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan, Middlesex Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian, President of the Massachusetts Association of Italian American Police Officers and Superintendent of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office (Ret.) Martin Gabriella and President of the National Association of Government Employees David J. Holway.

David McKillop:
 Official Website

  • Prior experience: Longtime owner of Rockafellas Restaurant in Salem; active in Salem Chamber of Commerce, including as VP in 2011 and President in 2012.
  • Political stance: Unconfirmed Republican.  (McKillop spoke at the Medford GOP, and the Twitter accounts of his wife and son have numerous pro-Trump tweets or “following” accounts.  However, McKillop is not registered with either party as a voter, and he has no substantial record of political donations.  This website would welcome any concrete evidence of McKillop’s political stances — e-mail us if you have it!)
  • Interview with the Medford Transcript
  • Announcement of candidacy
  • Endorsements TBA.

Nat Breen: Official Website

  • Prior experience: Medford Commission for Persons with Disabilities, currently works in commercial real estate and development
  • Platform: “We have all the resources to bring Medford to the next level; everything’s here—we just need to roll up our sleeves to make it happen.”
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Revenue generation—Tufts, Mystic River, Boston, Chevalier Theater, Fells, Brooks Estates
    • Safe and useable roads
    • Supports police and fire departments
    • Charter review
    • Responsible development
    • Community access, transparent and accessible government with better communication
  • Endorsements
    • Medford Police Patrolmen’s Association

Robert Cappucci: Official Website | Facebook

  • Prior experience: Former teacher
  • Platform: “A Medford Strong Vision”
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Opioid crisis—candlelight vigils, rehab facilities, Teen Medford, new drug officer
    • Supports City Council term limits
    • Free parking to encourage shopping in Medford
    • Supports hiring more police, fire fighters, etc.
    • Increase investment in arts programs and public library
    • Infrastructure repairs and preventive maintenance
    • Upgrade sports facilities in Medford parks
    • Supports serious review of city tax rates
    • Supports reducing political office salaries

Rick Caraviello (Incumbent): Official Website

  • Prior experience: President of Medford City Council, Medford Chamber of Commerce, President of Medford Kiwanis Club
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Preserve Medford’s small city feel
    • Programs for seniors and veterans
    • Affordable housing
    • Supports new police station
    • Supports new fire training facility
    • Supports new library
    • Revitalisation of Medford Square
    • Lawerence Memorial Hospital

Ann Marie CugnoOfficial Website

  • Prior experience: Medford School Committee
  • Platform: “Stop blaming, move forward.”
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Clean up all retail squares
    • Trash removal
    • Proper planning and zoning
    • Comprehensive street repair plan
    • Market Medford to all ages
    • Supports sensible parking

Fred Dello Russo (Incumbent) [official website unknown]

  • Prior experience: Medford City Council
  • Platform: “We only get things done by working together”
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Bonding of money for new police station
    • Medford Square revitalisation
    • Libraries
    • Green Line extension

John Falco (Incumbent): Official Website

  • Prior experience: Medford City Council; Medford School Committee; chaired several city advisory boards and committees, member of many.
  • Platform: “One Medford”
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Traffic safety and efficiency
    • Walking paths and park beautification
    • Economic development of Medford Square
    • Improved delivery of basic city services
    • Increased funding for public schools
    • Additional resources, equipment, and staff for police, fire, and public works
    • Supports a complete review of zoning ordinances
    • Supports a city government more accessible to the people
    • Charter review

Adam Knight (Incumbent): Official Website | Facebook

  • Prior experience: Medford City Council; Labor Movement organizer, field representative, and contract negotiator; Director of Constituent Services for the late Senator Charlie Shannon
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Public safety
    • Public education, before-school program
    • Public works, especially lead abatement and water quality
    • Supports Green Line extension
    • Supports thriving business district and vibrant downtown
    • Responsible development and green spaces
    • Low residential tax rate

Breanna Lungo-Koehn (Incumbent): Official Website

  • Prior experience: Medford City Council
  • Platform: “The constituents of Medford deserve an open and transparent government and City Hall.”
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Supports public schools
    • Charter review
    • Renovations and improvements for public buildings (Fire HQ, DPW, etc.)
    • Neighborhood involvement a must when affected by city decisions
    • Supports senior citizen work program
    • Community involvement
  • Endorsements
    • Medford Police Patrolmen’s Association

Michael Marks (Incumbent): Official Website

  • Prior experience: Medford City Council, established the Medford Dog Park Committee
  • Platform: “Do the people’s business.”
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Charter review
    • Public transit, bike paths, and public walkways
    • Supports hiring a traffic engineer
    • Airplane noise
    • Community spaces
  • Endorsements
    • Medford Firefighters local 1032
    • NewEngland Laborers District Council
    • Iron Workers Local 7
    • Medford Police Patrolmen’s Association

Cheryl RodriguezOfficial Website

  • Prior experience: Active in Medford politics for years
  • Stated Key issues
    • Link all volunteer- and service-oriented groups in Medford
    • Charter review
    • Small class sizes in public schools
    • More commercial zones, especially on Mystic Avenue
    • Opposes more housing developments

George SaccoOfficial Website

  • Prior experience: Member of Mayor’s Environmental Commission
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Charter review
    • Supports parking enforcement, with review of existing parking contract
    • Opioid crisis
    • Historical preservation
    • In favor of hiring more police
    • Street and sidewalk maintenance

Ray Scarfo: Official Website

  • Prior experience: 30-year Medford business owner
  • Platform: “Bring Back Common $ense”
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Charter review: Mayor has too much power, City Council too little
    • Public Works: Personnel and equipment shortages, bad streets and sidewalks
    • Free parking for seniors in Medford Square
    • Water Connectivity Tax is unnecessary since there’s a $6M surplus of water and sewer money
    • Supports renovation of Medford police station
    • Opposes Sanctuary City status
  • Endorsements
    • Medford Police Patrolmen’s Association

George Scarpelli (Incumbent): Official Website

  • Prior experience: Sitting member of the Medford City Council, Medford School Committee, Medford Public Schools teacher (PE) and coach.
  • Platform: “Make Medford a better place for our citizens, communities and businesses.”
  • Stated Key Issues
    • More collaborative City Council
    • Year-round Recreation Department, including recreational programming for all ages and bikes committee
    • Review of zoning laws
    • Development of Medford Square
    • Use Community Preservation Act for more affordable housing

Curtis Tuden: Official Website | Facebook

  • Prior experience: Chair of Medford’s Energy and Environment Committee.
  • Platform: “Two Pillars: Environment and Education”
  • Stated Key Issues
    • Campaign finance reform
    • Social justice issues, beginning with Sanctuary City status
    • Opioid epidemic and public health intervention
    • Support for community groups, youth programming, and senior care
    • Community energy aggregation.
    • Financial reform and UAAL+OPEB crisis control
    • Police, Fire, Library and other infrastructure development
  • Pledges not to accept money from special interests.